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Human resource management advantages and Strategies to develop social skills » The Thrive

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While both these approaches are relevant for an organization, it is necessary that they are used correctly. All stakeholders must come to an understanding and use each approach where it is most suitable. The employment situation in a region or the country is a significant factor that affects resource planning.

An effective HRM can reduce turnover by creating a positive environment for employees. You can break the action plan into smaller tasks to improve the outcome or success of the strategy. For example, suppose you learn from the human resource planning that there will be a shortage of both experienced and fresher personnel. Strategic human resource planning, consider every element that may impact the company’s future needs.

these of the advantages of human resource planning

Fluctuating trade cycles and market conditions can upset the operations of a company. If employees are hired as per plans and revenues drop suddenly, the company may find itself struggling to pay salaries. Fast turnover of employees can force HR officials to drop long-term plans and resolve to manage contingencies. Such fear of uncertain factors can prevent personnel managers from attempting to do HR planning. There can be both short-term and long-term goals for this activity.

Employee Engagement

It is likely that this will relate to a relatively narrow group of people. There is nothing new about organisations identifying and grooming people to fill key posts; in fact, succession planning has always been an element of traditional HRP. The traditional approach relied on identifying a few key individuals who would be ready to take on senior roles at certain points in time. Micro-planning uses similar techniques to more traditional HRP but concentrates on key problem areas rather than the organisation as a whole. The more limited scope, both in terms of coverage and time, makes the process more manageable and the results more immediately visible. Micro-planning is likely to be a one-off activity rather than an ongoing process.

  • Good relationships will help you perform better and learn from other employees.
  • Having excess or fewer staff members can be a problem for any company.
  • Now it is essential to see what factors must be considered when making a human resource plan.

Most are flexibly designed with integrated databases, a comprehensive array of features, and powerful reporting functions and analysis capabilities that you need to manage your workforce. This can give back hours of the HR administrators day previously spent attending to routine employee requests. A HRIS also facilitates communication processes and saves paper by providing an easily- accessible, centralized location for company policies, announcements, and links to external URLs. Employee activities such as time-off requests and W-4 form changes can be automated, resulting in faster approvals and less paperwork. Human resource management means aligning the current workforce to the organization’s goals and vision.

Preparing an Action Plan

Human resource planning starts much before a company starts functioning. It is a process of converting a company’s objectives into the number of people required to achieve them. To complete the expansion plans and to achieve their revised goals, firms will require to increase their staff strength. At this time also excellent planning is necessary to get work done at the least cost. This approach can help to broaden perspectives and consider a number of future options but each decision has its own costs and these also need to be considered. For example, opting to preserve flexibility might be a the expense of following a clear-cut business strategy to secure competitive advantage.

Indeed, excellent human capital management allows for a greater flow of data and information throughout the organization. Using HCM techniques may aid in the creation of a strong corporate culture that encourages employee growth and dedication to business goals. Employees have greater influence over their careers and are encouraged to commit their skills and talents to the firm in the long run. Organizations that rely on their people to achieve their goals devote resources to developing the essential abilities that their employees require to generate outcomes. Human capital management assists in identifying gaps in employee competencies and directing recruiting efforts toward filling such gaps. For most of the employees, the workplace is their second home and happy people make it more productive.

However, training programs are also offered for current staff who have plenty of experience, that refers to as refresher training. Training and development are a sector where companies invest an enormous amount. Succession Planning is a proactive approach toward identifying the right fit for an existing authority, who is soon to leave. Losing a key employee abruptly or without prior notice can prove disruptive to the company. Often senior management positions are very vulnerable because of their decision-making and planning virtue and therefore require a well-structured succession plan. It can be concluded that the goal of HCM is to optimize and maximize an organization’s human capital’s economic, or business, value in order to gain a competitive advantage.


Globalization, technological advances, law fluctuations, voluntary job quits, diversification of the company’s product/ services portfolio, and hiring in bulk can all be strategically managed through a planned approach. Another function of human capital management is to provide adequate training to employees so that they can deliver the best results for the organization. The system enables businesses to invest in their employees in order for them to contribute at the highest level to the achievement of business objectives. Employees are viewed as valuable resources that must be used to their full potential by human capital management. Besides, carry out each task in a systematic and structured manner, from identifying the objectives to reviewing the current workforce inventory to forecasting the supply and demand gap to formulating the action plan.

  • Micro-planning is likely to be a one-off activity rather than an ongoing process.
  • It is the responsibility of the Human Resource department to investigate remuneration and compensation planning.
  • Companies can identify bright and promising employees inside an organization and work on developing their growth path.
  • In many cases, employees and new hires may electronically enroll in benefit plans.
  • For example, suppose your action plan is to hire 20 new freshmen and 15 new experienced employees over the next three months.
  • However, human capital is usually referred to as the resource that resides in the knowledge and skill set of the people .

Among departments themselves, some can have excess and others not have enough people. Knowing the gaps helps the human resource managers to see how they can be offset by using people from within. Sometimes it is possible to train some surplus workers and make them difference between financial accounting and management accounting capable of filling up vacant positions. Sage HRMS OrgPlus helps you produce what-if scenario analysis and strategize for different business scenarios with the ability to drag and drop employees, functions, or whole departments into new places in the hierarchy.

Walkins by Company

Both companies and individuals will have long-term benefits and will continue to be happy with each other. Due to the increasing dominance of digital technologies across the globe, the world has experienced cultural, societal and economic changes. This is why our generation is referred to as the “digital age”. The human resources management is not exempted from this wind of digital revolution. Across all industries, human resources is said to be one of the departments that are most affected by digitization because of the big data analytics, social networks or mobile solutions.

these of the advantages of human resource planning

With its wide variety of uses for multiple audiences, the new HR Information System has been elevated to a valuable tool that can be used every day by your employees, managers and executives alike. A human resource information system is computer software employers use to manage the human resources functions of their organization. It has the capability to maintain employment records of all staff members, and employers can use it to collect metrics surrounding the firms staffing, performance management, compensation and benefits activities.

Honesty is one of the most important qualities required by an individual. Honesty helps you build trust among your colleagues and customers. If you face a problem in the workplace, then you need to solve it immediately.

If you want to avoid costly compliance issues, then you need to create a strong HR policy. This includes things like anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, and anti-retaliation policies. These policies protect both your company and your employees from potential legal problems. Benefits – Benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, etc., are provided by the employer to employees.

Those studying an XLRI course on HR management can explain that human resource planning is a process by which a company achieves the desired level of the human workforce. With thorough planning and execution, it is expected that there will be the right people in suitable positions. Such a situation will allow companies to achieve their objectives while also enabling employees to grow and advance in their careers.

HR officials understand the development plans of each business unit and predict how many employees they will need. These officials can also use analytics to find out employee requirements for the future. Another important task they undertake is to find out how the supply of people will be in the future. This is essential to decide the right time to hire more people. Such forecasting helps to acquire the best talents at low costs.


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